Addiction: A Choice or A Illness?

For years people have debated on whether or not or not habit is a moral defect or a disease. Many people initially saw addicts as individuals missing free will, but new scientific theories have helped to create a greater understanding of addiction in current times.

The truth is, dependancy is a disease, not a choice.

Many individuals […]

Training – Key to Tackling Youth Drug Abuse

In these days, the variety of the youth drug uses is increasing, which posed a very major problem not only to the family but also to the whole society. It is instructed that the adding education and anti drug laws efforts needs to be strengthened to call on younger people to stay away from drugs. […]

The Problems of Addiction

What’s Addiction?
Habit is obsession, compulsion or psychological dependence on any specific thing. It is a kind of state of affairs in which you’ll be able to’t resist against that specific thing. In this condition individuals do not take into consideration the side effects of the use of that thing and continues to use them. They […]