Your Unique Circumstances

The course of your program will depend mostly on your personal situation. Nonetheless, there are services we extend to all of our patients in recovery. We understand that addiction affects a person not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. So we make sure to take every possible measure to improve our patients’ lives in these aspects. Our drug treatment center includes the following drug treatment services in San Antonio area: Alcohol Treatment, Drug Addiction, and Detox Services. You can check also our FAQ section for further questions.


Group Therapy

We believe in creating a safe and open environment with a beautiful facility. Relating to others who are going through a similar situation though group discussions is part of finding ways of recovery that work for you.

Meditation Practice

Calm and collected decisions are a result a calm and peaceful mind. Participating in our meditation practice will teach you how to reach that state mind.

Listen & Relate

Some recovery possibilities cannot be realized on your own. Sometimes it requires a group of people suggesting, listening and learning from each other. They play a large part and we highly promote them in our program.