Understanding Addiction as a Disease

Step one to understanding drug addiction as a illness is to remember that it’s a main illness and doesn’t find its genesis in parenting style, mental health points, household of origin or circumstance. These components might exacerbate habit, and vice versa, however they don’t seem to be the central issue. The illness of habit is each progressive and chronic. If left unabated it will get worse over time and addicts don’t discover a miraculous epiphany that permits them to later reasonable their use.

To really understand habit, we have to notice the character of an addict. What differentiates the addict from the “normy”, is primarily characterised by an inherent and pervasive sense of alienation, sensitivity, over-reaching need for love and external validation, and egregious fears. Addicts are sometimes self-described as “terminally unique.” Because the addict perceives his or her self as unique, societal norms now not apply to them, neither is solace discovered by standard means.

In an effort to quell the ache of separation and alienation, addicts use chemical compounds, manipulate households, lie, steal, cheat, invent personalities (those we discover most tasty), and discard their true selves. In the long run, the addict occupies his or her authentic body, however seems as a phantom of their true selves. Every time we step on other people to get excessive, guilt and disgrace are the consequence. In order to subordinate the sense of disgrace, extra chemicals are used, loved ones are averted, and a life of worry and hiding is created.

Understanding Recovery from Drug Addiction

At All Saints Rehab, we believe that abstinence and not using a dedicated restoration life-style is just not an extended-time period solution to the disease of drug addiction. A wholesome, life-lengthy recovery is achieved via applicable long-term remedy – to follow and stay a significant existence. All Saints Rehab’s unique offerings which include a working farm, music & art therapy and wilderness adventure therapy is a synthesis of multiple remedy modalities designed deliberately to offer individual customization and to facilitate an enlightened awakening for a long-lasting recovery experience.

Our Approach to Recovery

Our drug rehabilitation program is unique in our approach to overcoming addiction in a way that works for everyone. Our clients are given the time necessary to accomplish the goals required for a safe and empowered reintegration to society. We understand that every individual is different, and there is no set time within which any one person’s issues can be addressed. Getting to the cause of the underlying problems driving addiction is the most important part of treatment, and healing cannot take place until those issues are addressed. Contact us today!

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